The point of this post is to discuss the basics of arthritis and in future posts we will discuss the different types of arthritis. There are a variety of arthridities, ones that effect the spine and ones that don’t, ones that are seronegative or seropositive, ones that are autoimmune, etc. etc, and this can all be very confusing.  However, all most people seem to know is that they have arthritis and that it is causing them pain. Some arthridities respond best to medication, and some respond extremely well with manual manipulation and chiropractic.

Nonetheless, the basis of arthritis is that there is inflammation in the joint which the body interprets as pain.  Why there is inflammation in that joint is dependent on the type of arthritis (which we will get into in future post), but the end result is the same, if you can manage or rid the joint of inflammation you can usually minimize or eliminate the pain.  Patients assume that once you have arthritis you have it for life but this isn’t entirely true.

Arthritis can be managed with conservative care and doesn’t have to limit ones activities of daily living. If you have arthritis and want more information, then book an appointment with a chiropractor to find out what chiropractic can do for you.