At Clayton Heights Chiropractic our goal as practitioners is to work as a team to find you the best possible route to getting you back to your normal pain free life. We will keep in contact with your medical practitioner and refer you, if necessary, to alternative treatments if we feel that may catapult you to success. Our goal is to get you better!!

Proactive healthcare is important. Not only will we have hands on time with you, we will also supply you with stretches, exercises and hydrotherapy options to help you stay healthy. We want to help you, help yourself!!

** This is clinical massage therapy. Your treatment time is not all hands-on. This time allows for assessment, hands-on treatment, patient homecare and billing. Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to maximize your treatment time. Thank you!**

At your visit to Clayton Heights Chiropractic

When you visit Clayton Heights Chiropractic for massage therapy we follow this general process:

Step 1-History:

The Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) will do a review of your health history with particular attention to the areas of concern. Please bring any previous x-ray reports that may be relevant to the area.

Step 2-Exam:

The RMT will then perform a exam that will include Range of motion for the affected area and orthopedic tests to determine the level of muscular tension and possible dysfunction.

Step 3-Treatment:

The RMT will leave the room for a few minutes to allow you to disrobe (you may wear shorts or underwear) and get on the table under the sheets. The RMT will knock before returning to the room to begin your treatment.

Step 4-Post Treatment:

After your treatment the RMT will recommend a treatment plan for management of you condition. This may include home care, stretches, and possibly combining your massage therapy with chiropractic treatments when appropriate.