Custom orthotics are specialized medical devices that are tailor made for each individual in order to correct bio-mechanical misalignments of the feet.

Essentially they are custom, supportive, corrective inserts for your shoes.  They can relieve pain, improve skeletal alignment and improve the function of your feet and lower limbs!

Clayton Heights Chiropractic uses state of the art pressure mapping techniques developed by The Orthotic Group to assess areas where abnormal pressure has built up. The dynamic scan determines how the foot absorbs impact from the ground through the 5 stages of the gait cycle. After completing the scans, the doctor will then explain how these scans correlate with the structural pains that you are feeling.

Orthotics with your Wellness Treatment Plan

Orthotics are also used to help maintain spinal alignment. Chiropractic patients often report that their adjustments hold longer in conjunction with orthotic use. Correcting the impact between the foot and the ground decreases the amount of pressure that impacts the hip, knee and low back.

At your visit to Clayton Heights Chiropractic

When you visit Clayton Heights Chiropractic for custom orthotics we follow this general process:

Step 1-History:

The doctor will review the history of your foot pain, including the specific areas you feel the pain and when you notice the pain the most. If you have any foot x-rays please bring them to your appointment.

Step 2-Adjustment:

Dr. Hogan likes to perform the gait scan after you have been adjusted. This removes any gait compensations that maybe coming from the spine.

Step 3-Digital Gait Analysis:

The patient then walks across a digital pad that records the timing and pressure of key anatomical points in the foot. You may have to walk across the pad multiple times in order to get the most consistent pattern for your particular gait.

Step 4-Review:

Dr. Hogan will then review the patterns with you and explain how they translate into pain in your feet.

Step 5-Consultation with Specialists:

Dr. Hogan will consult with the experts in foot gait analysis at the Orthotic Group about your particular foot condition and how it may manifest as pain in other areas (ankles, knees, low back). This will ensure they have all the information possible to build you the most appropriate orthotic.